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Information Management November/December 2016 : Page 25

Tips for Globalizing a U.S.-Based Records Retention Schedule U.S-based organizations that try to globalize their U.S.-focused records retention schedules by simply extending them to include international requirements will fall short in meeting their compliance obligations. Discover the problems this approach creates and how to avoid them. Tom Corey, Esq., CRM F or years the processes of creating, implementing, and maintaining records retention schedules for organizations with an international footprint were U.S-focused. The schedules addressed U.S. require-ments and were designed to minimize the impact of the litigious U.S. business environment. Addressing the records created and maintained by international offices often was an afterthought or considered the responsibility of those offices. But the increased use of electronic records manage-ment systems that cross borders and the passage of stricter data privacy and recordkeeping laws are forcing organiza-tions to address international recordkeeping requirements when creating and maintaining a single, unified retention schedule. Organizations often begin by trying to implement their U.S. schedule for their international operations. While at first this might seem like a cost-effective approach, it leads to problems the organization must address. What follows are examples of these problems with their potential solutions. NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2016 INFORMATIONMANAGEMENT 25

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